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Designs & Colourways


Our fresh designs and colourways are available on different basecloths which means you can choose the function most important for your cubicle curtains, privacy & shower curtains, or window curtains and blinds. A wide range of patterns and colours are available, including children's and custom designs, and can be co-ordinated across the clinical area, including bedding and upholstery.

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Fabric Types



Our standard, fire retardant cloth, suitable for thermal disinfection.



The same as our standard cloth, but also stops light passing through.



Washable at 40 degrees, doesn't require thermal disinfection.


Header Types

Header - Antimicrobial Mesh

Antimicrobial Mesh

Fixed to the top of the curtain, the 550mm deep mesh is designed for ceiling-fixed tracks and supports light and air circulation in the clinical area.

Header - Button Hole

Button Holes

A sewn, vertical buttonhole is placed every 180mm which offers a discipline to housekeeping as the hooks are evenly spaced, hanging the curtain with symmetry.

Header Tape

Header Tape

Fixed to the top of the curtain, the 25mm pocket woven tape allows the hooks to be placed in different positions along the width and the height of the curtain.